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Standardized assessments

Standardized Testing: How Technology Promotes True Standardization

What Is Standardized Testing?

The goal of a standardized test is a noble one: to make everyone’s...

Groundbreaking innovations in assessment history

7 Groundbreaking Innovations in Assessment History

Change drives improvement in every industry, but what are the seven most groundbreaking...

Will online exams detect cheating?

Can Online Tests Detect Cheating?

Can Online Tests Detect Cheating?

The short answer is yes. Online exams can detect cheating. ...

Deter Fraud with Publicizing Security Measures

How to Publicize Your Test Security Measures & Deter Fraud

A Security Simulation

Picture this: You’re a business school candidate. You’re about to take an...

test administration procedures

Test Administration Guidelines

What Are Test Administration Guidelines?

Test administration guidelines are a set of policies...

Automated vs human web monitoring

Web Crawling vs Web Patrolling

While it is possible to use an automated “web crawling” system to search out your exposed exam...

Test security for exams

4 Tips for Better Test Security

In order to exponentially improve the security of your testing program, what are four things...


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