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Deter Fraud with Publicizing Security Measures

How to Publicize Your Test Security Measures & Deter Fraud

A Security Simulation

Picture this: You’re a business school candidate. You’re about to take an...

International web crawling

International Web Patrolling (6 Keys to Success)

When testing internationally, the only way to know if your exam content has been exposed is...

Content Monitoring: Can Your Organization Keep Up?

Monitoring the web for stolen test content is the only sure-fire way to ensure your exam hasn’t...

Are Proctors Deterrents?

Are Proctors Deterrents? Effectiveness Levels from Low to High

Proctoring has been used for over 1,500 years, yet our understanding of its impact is cursory....

Exploring Deterrence

What Is Deterrence in Testing? Theory, Types, & Key Components

Investigate the theory of deterrence, understand the differences between specific and general...

Protection is the primary purpose of security

How to Protect Your Exams: 3 Central Questions

How Other Industries Approach Security 

I’ve been involved in the field of testing since 1982. I...


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