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Item statistics

Can Good Items Have Bad Item Statistics? DOMC™ Findings

Good Items Can Have Bad Item Statistics

Every psychometrician knows that tests can be improved...

Cheating statistics

Cheating Statistics

What Are "Cheating Statistics"?

A while ago, I noticed that many visitors to the Caveon website...

The incident of the test killer

The Incident of the Test Killer: A Case Study

Data Forensics is essential for assessing the test security threats to your program and...

How the SmartItem Improves Tests

How the SmartItem™ Improves Tests


In the beginning, one of my biggest concerns about SmartItem technology was how it...

Okta Case Study

How Okta Won with Threat-Based Security: A Case Study

The Need:

Following five years of rapid growth, Okta, an industry leader in identity and access...

SmartItem technology on SailPoint Exams

The SmartItem™ on SailPoint Certification Exams

Ever wonder if the SmartItem actually delivers on its promises? SailPoint testifies that when...

Meaningful Work: Personal Reflections on the Importance of Valid Certifications

Meaningful Work: The Importance of Valid Certifications

Benjamin Hunter shares why he's chosen to dedicate his career to defending the security of...
Test security is like a board game

Games and Test Security: Why I Work in Testing

Sarah Toton shares why she's chosen to dedicate her career to defending the security of exams.


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