John Olson, Ph.D.

Dr. John F. Olson is President of the consulting business he founded in 2006, Olson Educational Measurement & Assessment Services (OEMAS), which provides technical assistance and support to states, school districts, the U.S. Department of Education, the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP), Ministries of Education in other countries, CCSSO, Caveon Test Security, testing companies, researchers, and others. He has more than 30 years of experience providing consulting on a variety of measurement and statistical issues for international, national, state, and local assessment programs. Dr. Olson also currently serves as senior partner for the Assessment Solutions Group (ASG), which he co-founded in 2009. The mission of ASG is to help states and local districts maximize value throughout the assessment procurement and implementation process via service offerings in RFP preparation, bid analysis and proposal evaluation, cost analysis, price negotiations, and ongoing program and contract management. He has worked with many states, CCSSO, SCOPE, and many of the large common assessment consortia, including PARCC, SBAC, NCSC, and WIDA ASSETS. Previously, he served as Vice President for Psychometrics and Research Services at Harcourt Assessment, Director of Assessment for CCSSO and the SCASS projects, Deputy Director of the Center for Education Assessment at American Institutes for Research (AIR), Senior Research Scientist with the Education Statistics Services Institute (ESSI), and in a number of leadership roles for NAEP at the Educational Testing Service (ETS). Olson holds a Ph.D. in educational statistics and measurement from the University of Nebraska - Lincoln. His specialties include educational assessment, measurement, and statistics; state assessment programs; national and international assessments, including NAEP and TIMSS; psychometrics; management; research; technical and report writing; RFP writing; technical evaluations; and business strategies.


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