How to prove cheating on tests using statistics

Can You Prove Cheating on Tests Using Statistics?


A misquote from a news site concerning additional security announced by the TEA (Texas...

Don't cheat on tests

Ten Reasons You Should Quit Cheating on Exams

My boss may be upset with this essay, because if I persuade test takers to quit cheating on tests,...

Data Forensics Statistics Detect Cheating on Tests

The Use of Statistics for Detecting Cheating on Tests

Can Statistics Uncover Cheating on Exams?

Yes, statistical analyses are the single most powerful...

So, Your School Was Flagged by an Erasure Analysis, Now What?

What Is an Erasure Analysis?

An erasure analysis (also known as an answer change analysis) is a ...

Cheating statistics

Cheating Statistics

What Are "Cheating Statistics"?

A while ago, I noticed that many visitors to the Caveon website...

Celebrating Caveon's 15th Anniversary with Dennis Maynes

Celebrating 15 Years: An Interview with Dennis Maynes

2018 marks the 15th anniversary since Caveon Test Security first opened its (virtual) doors....


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