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Okta Case Study

How Okta Won with Threat-Based Security: A Case Study

The Need:

Following five years of rapid growth, Okta, an industry leader in identity and access...

SmartItem technology on SailPoint Exams

The SmartItem™ on SailPoint Certification Exams

Ever wonder if the SmartItem actually delivers on its promises? SailPoint testifies that when...

Meaningful Work: Personal Reflections on the Importance of Valid Certifications

Meaningful Work: The Importance of Valid Certifications

Benjamin Hunter shares why he's chosen to dedicate his career to defending the security of...
Test security is like a board game

Games and Test Security: Why I Work in Testing

Sarah Toton shares why she's chosen to dedicate her career to defending the security of exams.
Are Proctors Deterrents?

Are Proctors Deterrents? Effectiveness Levels from Low to High

Proctoring has been used for over 1,500 years, yet our understanding of its impact is cursory....


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