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Case Study: How Examity & Caveon Are Building the Future of Online Assessment

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The Challenge

Widely recognized as an industry leader in test security, Caveon works with organizations across a wide range of fields—from K-12 and higher education to professional organizations and licensing agencies—to ensure a secure and valid testing experience and protect intellectual property throughout the assessment lifecycle.

Over the past several years, and particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic, Caveon has identified an increasingly urgent need among its partner organizations for a higher-quality and more secure online testing experience—both for organizations trying to move their tests online and for those who already deliver online tests but are looking to improve them. The goal was to identify a way to help partners easily deliver their exams and host their item banks, while at the same time proctor their exams online. Just as importantly, Caveon sought to give partners a way to find all those features in one place instead of needing to navigate multiple vendors, and for partners to also have complete access and control over every facet of their testing program.

“Programs are looking for an online testing solution that is as easy and secure as possible. They are looking for a place to develop, bank, deliver, and proctor online exams, and they are hoping to find a way to do all that in one place, rather than using a variety of vendors.” Alison Foster Green, Director of Marketing at Caveon.

The Solution

To address its partners’ needs for a one-stop shop that could provide high-quality, streamlined, and secure online assessment, Caveon created Scorpion™, which allows organizations to design, deliver, and proctor exams from a single platform. To navigate the critically important proctoring component of the Scorpion platform, Caveon tapped Examity based on its long track record of developing proctoring solutions that are both aligned with the latest security standards and customizable to meet partner organizations’ needs.

For Examity, the partnership aligned closely with the company’s focus on executing the highest levels of security across all stages of the assessment process. Caveon’s holistic approach, which enabled Examity to serve the end-to-end need that many programs face, made the collaboration a natural fit.


Caveon appreciated Examity’s singular focus on online proctoring, which perfectly complements Caveon’s own testing platform, allowing them to satisfy high-stakes testing needs without compromising security. In the words of the Caveon team, “It’s clear that Examity has spent years developing a premier testing platform with a specific focus on security. That makes it an unbelievably effective solution, as opposed to a proctoring platform that tries to do too much at once, where one of the pieces might be less robust or less dynamic.” 

Caveon also praised Examity’s level of communication and collaboration, which directly translates and filters down to Caveon’s partner organizations. Rather than thinking of Examity and Caveon as two siloed groups, partners often think of them as entities that work collaboratively to ensure they deliver the best testing experience possible. This collaborative effort has done more than just improve the experience for Caveon’s partners; it’s also built a stronger sense of trust and support among those organizations. 

As the landscape of assessment continues to evolve, Caveon and Examity look forward to deepening their partnership and continuing their efforts to build a better and more secure testing experience.


Download the Case Study


About Examity

Examity was founded to meet the needs of universities, employers, and assessment providers looking to protect test integrity. Since 2013, Examity has partnered with hundreds of organizations worldwide to provide a cost-effective and flexible online exam proctoring solution.

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