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The Superpower of Women in Testing

Posted by Alison Foster

updated over a week ago

What happens when the women of the assessment industry gather together for drinks and hors d’oeuvres? Relationships are strengthened, a cause is established, and others’ lives are uplifted. Find out how you can get involved at next year’s pre-ATP Women in Testing Reception.

We are women of extraordinary superpowers. We lead with purpose; we work by collaboration. Our results are consensus-driven.
We are the women of  ATP.

Once a year, great women with extraordinary superpowers gather together to kick-off ATP with Caveon’s annual Women in Testing Reception. Here, we celebrate the many wonderful contributions that women have made to the testing industry, and provide a space where new ATP attendees can get to know the many other incredible women who make up the assessment industry.

This year, the women of Caveon hosted their annual pre-conference Women in Testing event with an additional superpower in mind—giving to women in need. The well-attended Women’s Reception raised almost…


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